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 My Mission Statement


I am dedicated to assist home buyers and sellers in achieving their true Real Estate "wants and needs". 
I vow to offer attentive listening, my undivided attention, a solid work ethic, and the most up-to-date market trend.


About Me.

I consider my self a honest Realtor, A loving Mom and A sincere Tao Cultivator



I was born and raised in Taiwan. In 1981, I came to the United States to pursue my M.A., and I decided to settle down. I have been a San Francisco resident and homeowner since 1984. Other than my real estate career,  I enjoy yoga, jazz, fine art, reading, and the company of my two wonderful children. In the early morning, you can find me walking along Lake Merced or savoring a hot cafe au lait in one of my favorite coffee shops on Ocean Avenue.


I consider San Francisco and the Greater Bay Area an excellent place to reside and would love to share with you my enthusiasm for the many neighborhoods that encompass it. I pride myself on providing unparalleled service and look forward to developing a long-term relationship with you. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss how I can best assist you with your real estate needs.


My Mom is a Realtor

 Written by Joyce Chen

Class of 2009 at Stanford University

Growing up, I was never lonely.

As a working parent, my mother often brought me along to her home showings.  I remember sitting giddy in the back passenger seat, en route to some new, exciting destination.  As we whooshed through San Francisco’s neighborhoods, my mother acted as my impromptu tour guide, explaining the history of this street or this building.  Through these frequent outings, I learned to appreciate the beauty of my city and its architecture—the stately symmetry of Colonial houses, the slender grace of Victorian homes; the elegant Spanish Mediterranean mansions.  It was a revelation.

I also remember the streams of “aunts” and “uncles,” all clients of my mother, who would talk business in the kitchen during the open house as I romped around outside.  Sometimes, these aunts and uncles had children.  Sometimes, they had pets.  Always, they trusted my mother to sell their homes.

My mother's dedication to her clients continued beyond regular work hours.  Preparing dinner, she would stir soup with one hand and hold the telephone with the other, chatting animatedly with her newest sellers and buyers.  During the holidays, without fail, she would send out handwritten cards and purchase gift baskets.  Imitating her, I learned to answer the phone politely and greet everyone with a smile.  Through these meaningful touches, my mom taught me the importance of treating clients as family.

A lot has changed since these childhood lessons.  I am in college now; I drive myself around.  Nine months out of twelve, "home"  for me is a messy two-room triple on campus.  However, one thing has not changed—my mother's unswerving commitment to meeting her clients' needs, whatever they maybe.  I still meet  "aunts" and "uncles" who have kept in contact with my mother years after the sale. 

Purchasing or selling a home is one of the biggest decisions we make in a lifetime.  I am very proud my mother is able to help lots of people going through this stressful transition.

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